Success Stories


from our partners

Tasos & Giouli
Independent Partners

We started this business in March 2003. I was a student and my wife a hairdresser. I was supported by my parents and Giouli worked in a hair salon 12 hours a day and her salary was 520 euros a month. In the first month as part-time in this job we made 400 euros with the help of the man who recommended it to us. So we realized that this system works. For the last ten years we have been doing full-time and our incomes are high. Our lives have really changed. And for sure, if it worked for us, it can work for you too !!!

Independent Partners

From the age of 11 I watched my father try to make his dreams come true and at the same time give other people the opportunity to make their own dreams come true. Wanting to participate in this, I work with the company Herbalife in my free time with the internet and earn several thousand euros. I feel great that at 30 I can have my own income and most importantly my own dreams for the future.

Independent Partners

I started working as an independent member with Herbalife when I was a student at the University of Piraeus for an extra income. In my first month I won my first € 500 *, I was very excited because it was the proof that I can achieve even more. I am now working full time with Herbalife. * Income is for the people shown (or examples) and not for the average.

Independent Partners

At one point a friend of mine spoke to me about a Business Opportunity and I went to a meeting of independent Herbalife partners to find out what it was all about. I liked the idea that I could earn more money than I earned from the car repair shop I worked for. I immediately started working with Herbalife and now I earn several thousand euros making my childhood dreams come true.