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Welcome to the world of Herbalife!

This package is tailored for you who are looking for a healthy way to control your weight without being deprived of either your favorite flavors or the nutrients you need.

At the same time it will not be an extra expense for you because with these products you will replace some foods that you already consume and pay for!

The Introductory Package includes the 2 basic Herbalife products that are the most essential for weight control:

With the Nutritional Protein Drink you will be able to make wonderful, creamy shakes by mixing it with milk, juices, yogurt, fruit in the blender or combinations of all of them. It becomes perfect even with plain water! It is available in 8 wonderful flavors and the recipes you can make are unlimited. To choose your first taste just think about which ice cream flavor you like!

With this shake you will replace 1 or 2 (for weight control) meals of the day, preferably breakfast and dinner. This way you will give your body all the nutrients it needs, but with few calories, and you will not be hungry for 3-4 hours (that is, as long as a balanced meal should keep you). Your main meal can be of your choice while between meals it is good to eat healthy snacks of about 100 calories. This shake will help you reduce the calories you consume daily and therefore control your weight!

Instant Tea is a mixture of herbs that enhance thermogenesis, ie the burning of calories (and fat!). It contains mainly green tea and other herbs with high antioxidant properties (antioxidants keep us young!). It is available in 4 wonderful flavors (classic, lemon, raspberry, peach) and you can enjoy it cold or hot.

This tea, among other things, will help you reduce the extra coffees, soft drinks and ready-made juices that burden you with extra calories and harm your health.

The Dating Pack will give you the opportunity to see yourself and feel the spectacular results of Herbalife. You will be full, satisfied full of strength and energy (if you do not exercise, now you will want to start!). At the same time you will see your body sculpted and begin to acquire its ideal shape.

To help you get started with the Dating Package we send you a fantastic Herbalife shaker (ideal for creamy drinks). And of course shipping costs are free!

For everything you need, we will be by your side throughout your journey and we will support you with our experience as Wellness Consultants for over 22 years.

What are you waiting for; Start by choosing your favorite beverage flavor and your favorite tea flavor!


Do you want more duration? Choose a 21 Day Program

Formula 1 Nutritional Protein Drink is 21 servings. If you use it 2 times a day for weight control it will take you 10.5 days. Give yourself more time to see results by adding another drink to your program.

This program also includes the Instant Herbal Drink of 100 gr that will last twice the period (around the month) and comes out 9 € cheaper compared to the 2 of 50gr.

Do you want to make your shake with water? Choose a Milk Free Program

Formula 1 Nutritional Protein Drink requires the use of milk (cow’s or soy) to be a complete meal.

“No Milk” programs include Protein Drink that can replace milk in your shake. To make your shake this way simply add 2 tablespoons of Formula 1 and 1 tablespoon of Protein Drink in 250 ml of water.

Do you want your shake even more filling? Choose an Extra Protein Program

Our protein needs depend on our body type. People with a larger body type need more protein to maintain their muscle mass and stay full. If the drink does not keep you full for at least 3 hours it is an indication that you need more protein. Personalized Powder Proteins help us regulate the amount of protein in our drink. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons depending on our needs.

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