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Param Deep

Well-being instruct ❤ I share my lifestyle with the reason to optimistically inspire you and encourage you to end up more. I really like to surround myself with not anything but connecting with you all!!!!

Who I’m?

I belonged to a lower middle class family.my father is a carpenter. We are 4 children in the family. My three brothers could get education beyond 10th standard. I did BCA (bachelor computer application). then I decided to go abroad. I did inlets I get very good scores. But unfortunately, my family decided to marry me then in 2008 I got married. My husband settled down in Greece. Then after 4 years I came to Greece. I have 2 kids.one is 10year girl and 3 and half year boy. We are happy family. When I gave the birth to my boy, I was so fatty. Then I decided to lose my weight. I was 83kg. Then I know about Herbalife nutrition. I join Herbalife nutrition in 2019.and its completely change my life. I lost my weight 20kg in 6 to 7 months. While I am losing my weight, I decided to do business with Herbalife nutrition. Iam earning very good income to work from home with my kids. When I lose weight people asking about it & thus, we started sharing our product results and the business started. We started attend the training to understand the business better and with this power training system, we got a better lifestyle.
I love what I do. It’s who I’m.

Let’s start your transformation!!!connect us to get began!

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We make the wisest decision by you. We esteem validness over all the other things.

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